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I started out less than ten months ago as a Product Owner, with life made a little more interesting that I was working across 2 products and 4 (remote) teams. Over the course of the next few months, this expanded somehow to 3 products and 9 (remote) teams! I’m very very pleased to report that when I return to work next month, I will be down to one single (significant) product and four teams – ok, still remote 😦

The upshot of these challenges was that I had a lot to learn in my new role, and I would like to acknowledge the resources I used along my growth journey to help me. These helped my clarify my role, focus on the key things I needed to do, and most importantly, develop the right mindset to be a good Product Owner. These key people have been my ‘virtual mentors‘ and I’m super-grateful to them for the wonderful work they do sharing their knowledge and insights to everyone.

Roman Pichler:

A great overview, as well as lots of in-depth articles on Product Ownership

An equally informative view of Product Management, the framework and how it fits in with Product Ownership with Agile in large organizations.

Intercom – Des Traynor:

Great blogs on Product Strategy, some fantastic free books to download, and every re-read yields a new gem. When I grow up, I wanna be like Des Traynor. 🙂


One of my best finds of the year – a community of people writing about everything under the sun. Some great articles on Product Ownership, but you will need to find them under the general Product Management Category.

Product Talk – Teresa Torres

Teresa focuses on the hows and whys of building the right thing, and has inspired me to think about how to apply user-centred thinking and design when breaking down themes into Epics and Stories.

Jeff Patton

I held out for months so I could attend Jeff’s Passionate Product Owner Training, and it was worth it. Every minute was riveting, one of the best courses I have EVER been on, and I learned so, so much. I’m a finicky so and so but the ONLY thing I had to bitch about was the food (which was done by someone else). Life’s hard! 🙂

As a starting point, read this massive, super-informative post packed with ideas, techniques and tips.

Other Resources:

While the above were my “Go-to” blogs, there have been a few other websites that have been great to dip into from time to time.

The Unbreakable PO – hasn’t been updated for a while, but some good classic techniques and tips.

Crisp’s Blog – Henrik Kniberg’s blog – All things Agile, but some great PO focused posts.

Finally, a MUST-WATCH video that you can point people to when they ask what a Product Owner does – thanks to Spotify for this gem. I prefer reading over videos any day – but this one is a GEM!

Do you have any other awesome PO resources to share? I’d appreciate trying something new, I’m always learning!


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