Yay, you’re a Business Analyst! So now what?


əkˈsɛləreɪt/ verb

  1. Begin to move more quickly.

“the car accelerated towards her”

  1. Increase in rate, amount, or extent.

“inflation started to accelerate”

Synonyms: speed up, hurry up, get faster, move faster, go faster, drive faster, get a move on, put on a spurt, open it up, gain momentum, increase speed, pick up speed, gather speed;


You’ve made it this far! Your business card says “Business Analyst” (or a variation thereof). You’ve managed to use your years of experience doing what you do to get a job that allows you to be nosy, pull apart processes and systems to see how they work, and how they can be improved.

So what are you going to do next? How are you going to accelerate your learning and growth? What can you do to supercharge your Business Analysis Career?

You may not find answers here, but you’ll find some stories about a somewhat rocky, sometimes ridiculous, always eventful journey!

Some things to consider:

– What is a BA anyway

– What should I know before I start

– How can I learn more

– What is the one thing I can do to be a successful BA